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You Need To Understand SEO

You’ve probably seen the abbreviated term “SEO” floating around on various business or marketing websites, but perhaps you’ve wondered whether or or not that term applied to you. Well, if you’re trying to get visitors to your business website, blog, forum, or other online niche, then the answer is emphatically “yes”. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is essentially the core foundation for making a website visible, appearing on the search engine’s front page, and near the top of the search engine’s rankings. It used to be that the primary way to make a business successful was to make sure it got a lot of TV and radio commercial air time, and had billboards everywhere. But now getting to the top of Google and Bing’s search results has become just as easy as ABC with professional SEO services.

Is Search Engine Optimization (SEO) The Same As Search Engine Marketing (SEM)?

Another common term that you’ll see alongside SEO is SEM, also known as search engine marketing. There are some similarities and even instances where SEM and SEO are interchangeable, but there are some differences between the two. So where do they cross and where do they differentiate?

  • SEO Could Be Thought Of As One SEM Tactic

Typically when you refer to SEM, it’s a broad spectrum of tools that get your business listed throughout search engines, but because SEM also involves things like using keywords, links, and other content in its ads, it can take SEO into account. To do well with SEM tools, you do need good SEO practices and a credible website. But you have to go beyond SEO to tap into all the resources of SEM.

  • SEM Typically Drives Traffic From External Ads

SEO typically is controlled completely within a website and its content. The way that search engines find a web page and rank it are based on factors such as the keywords listed in the content, the html tags such as headers and page structure, and other web page enhancements. SEM on the other hand, is usually done through a paid advertising service in which an ad campaign is created to promote a website’s content but listed in ad spaces in a search engine.

Also, usually SEO-based search results are referred to as organic search results. The traffic driven to the websites got there through clicking on the actual website search listing, whereas the traffic from non-organic SEM-based results got to their website by clicking the ad listing. Both organic search results and SEM-driven results can have a call button that shows up on the search engine listing for mobile users to call into, and through various tools you can track those calls to see your lead totals. But as these pages are geared for SEO-based results, we will focus on the SEO tools to get your website to the top of Bing and Google.