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How To Get Great SEO Pages

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To really get into the meat of web design that tops all SEO criteria, you would need to read up on all the html, css, xml, javascript and other web development books that go deep into SEO. But to get into the basics of SEO-friendly web design, you can start with basic elements from the page’s url, to images, scripts, text alignments, and other miscellaneous items that can enhance visibility. And when designing a website, making it mobile-friendly is also critical to getting good search rankings, and that’s another topic for which you can find great reading on.

Make Your URL Simple But Descriptive

Your website’s URL is where it all starts. You’ll want to make sure your website’s domain name is simple and catchy, but also authoritative-sounding enough that a search engine will put it high on their listings. You also don’t want to have too many subpages that go too deep in a URL, such as if your website’s domain name was www.gifts.com, what you would not want are urls such as http://www.gifts.com/wraps/paper/glittery/ribbons/easy as that’s too many sublinks within the url. You can have some subcategories within the url, but they should be limited to be SEO-friendly.

Your Page Elements Have To Be Properly Sized And Aligned

You need to pay attention to how all your page headers, text boxes, articles, images, and other content is sized and placed on the pages. Look at things like web fonts, styles, space between objects, and do some research on how you can get the organization of your web page looking professional. Keep in mind, you may have to tweak your website’s look for it to show up properly on some browsers, as a website could look much different or be incompatible for Safari, while showing up just fine on Internet Explorer.

Social Media Buttons Affect SEO Rankings

Because social media is becoming a big marketing engine and traffic driver, including links, sharing buttons, and other like or tweet options for social media users is also becoming necessary to get your website high rankings. If you have a company Facebook or Twitter page, you should have links going from your website to that page, or vice versa as external links back to your site also affect SEO. But also, social media allows visitors to interact and post reviews about your website.

Be Careful How You Use Javascript And Flash

You might think that including a lot of animations and javascript objects on your website might get your website a lot of attention, but the truth is too much javascript objects are bad for business. Sometimes it’s good to use interactive elements on a website, but using too many can cause a search engine’s crawlers to slow down, and sometimes they won’t work on various platforms. The same can be said about flash if you have too many flash objects on your site. This doesn’t include flash video players such as YouTube or Vimeo.

Avoiding Keyword Stuffing

And as always, to get noticed in the search engine results you have to utilize keywords that users usually search for in search engines. The trick is to make sure that those keywords are flowing naturally in your website’s text and image codes, and are spread out on each page. You don’t want to use an excessive amount of keywords as a search engine might suspect your website is spam, and you don’t want to stuff them all up in one paragraph of text. Your keyword volume could depend on what the search is for.