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One thing for sure about the SEO world is that things are always changing in it. Rules you may have had to follow for ranking high on Google 5 years ago have changed, and new practices have to be implemented if your website’s SEO ranking is going to stay ahead of the curve. But with all the changes that happen with SEO, how do you keep on top of them? Well, there are several ways to do so.

You Should Be A Part Of An SEO Community

Like just about every other business and marketing industry out there, SEO is popular enough that it has communities where SEO specialists interact and have updated information to spread around. Such communities would include places like MOZ, SEO Training Dojo, and SEO Book where SEO knowledge and updates can circulate. Most communities will be free to join, but some may require a paid membership. You may also want to look up reviews on a community to see if they’re a trustworthy source.

Stay Read Up Through Online Publications, Tutorials, Magazines, And Manuals

Reading about SEO techniques and Google’s criteria is an ongoing process and you have to stay read up on the techniques through books and authoritative publications. If you search the web, you can find tutorials that surface on YouTube, or find links to various webinars where experts give sessions on Google’s SEO criteria, or find other blogs or guides to SEO. While not always recommended, you could also hire an SEO consulting firm as an advisory to SEO marketing techniques, but be careful on who you hire as sometimes these companies engage in deceptive practices.

Ask Google Themselves And Use Their Guides

It only makes sense doesn’t it? After all, as it’s Google you’re trying to get to the top of, why not just go to the source of it all and use their services to find out. In fact they have a complete webmaster page here that tells you what you need to know to go high in their rankings, and it’s always up to date with their latest algorithms and rules. One thing you may want to do is get regular news updates via email or other means to make sure you know what’s coming in terms of algorithm changes or SEO rules, but usually by being actively involved on Google’s information pages themselves, you’ll be completely in the loop.